Tips for a Great Looking Yard

As the saying goes, the grass is greener where you water it. However, it you are the type who has always wanted a perfect looking, magazine worthy yard, but cannot quite get it right, you might be in need of the following tips

Mowing & Weed Eating

When mowing, remember that frequent mowing keeps the weeds out and forces the grass to grow thick, thus giving a greener appearance. You should also keep the blades sharp, so the grass does not get beat up and does not catch any disease. Yep, you read that right, as experts say that grass disease can make your yard look dull and dying. If the grass became a little too high to cut experts say to cut only one third of the grass’ height at a time and never more. Leave the clippings to fertilize the soil because if you mow often enough and the clippings are short they will decay back to the soil quickly, without looking messy.

In addition to mowing, you should also take time to trim your yard with a weed eater. If you are looking for the best weed eater available, I highly recommend This site can save you time and money by showing you which weed eaters are top of their class to help you get your yard in pristine condition in no time.

As for the don’ts when mowing, do not cut too short because the more water and herbicides will be needed to make the grass grow. do not mow the grass when it is wet. Mowing wet grass will compact the soil and roots will die out.



When watering, keep in mind that watering deeply and infrequently is the way to go. Frequent overwatering encourages shallow, tangled roots, and wastes water, too. Only an inch of water is necessary each time. An in-ground irrigation can work wonders, but a sprinkler with a timer would be fine also.


You should avoid watering at night. The grass needs to be dry before the morning dew falls, because too much moisture invites grass diseases. Opt for early morning watering instead, since excess water will evaporate during the day. You can also check the condition of the soil because poor soil (due to too much clay or heavy traffic in the area) will not absorb water well.


As for weather considerations, if the weather is not very hot, daily watering may not be necessary. Instead, make sure you look at the signs that it is time to water. These signs may include the grasses having a slightly blue tinge, the soil resists when you push a rod to the ground, or shoe impressions and footprints remain compressed on the ground.



When it comes to fertilizers, remember to never over-fertilize. Too much fertilizer stimulates growth to quickly make the yard need more mowing and watering. Besides, excess fertilizer is bad for the environment because they clog water systems with algae.


To find the right fertilizer for your yard, have a soil sample tested every three years at a local lab. Bring the results to a gardening shop and have the staff help in choosing fertilizer to address your yard’s specific needs. It is also wise to have a handheld fertilizer spreader for small yards and a wheeled spreader for a large yard. Stick with only one kind of fertilizer because mixing synthetic and natural fertilizer can lead to poor plant quality.

Pest Control

Regarding the matters of pest control, the best defense against diseases, weeds, and pests is to have thick grass. You can also opt to use herbicides, but choose the right kind of herbicide. Pre-emergents prevent weeds and should be applied once a year. Post-emergents are used when the weeds are already there for control when weeds cannot be stopped by hand pulling and mowing.

Look up the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before purchasing a synthetic pesticide. Make sure that the product you choose has a low LD50 (lethal dose for 50% of test animals). Use a tank sprayer and spray only a small mix of the pesticide only in trouble area.


When it comes to decorating, put yard furniture and other fixtures based on your family activities and interests, the size of the yard, the amount of time you are willing to maintain the outdoor fixtures on top of the plant upkeep, as well as consider comfort and functionality. You should also pick a color scheme that is bright to complement the plants that you have in your ride.

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